Gone Boy
2017, Emperor Records

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"What I’ll say is this: Brett Ratliff is the musical Elmer McCurdy. I say that because he uses too much nitroglycerine. Too much fire in the hole. And the money gets blown away — blown to bits — but what’s left is the story and the revelation of dreams and skullduggery and irony and joy. What’s left is the humanity, delivered to us in a blinding flash of light. God bless Brett Ratliff. May he be buried amongst the finest of outlaws." -Robert Gipe, Writer


Cold Icy Mountain
2008, June Appal Recordings

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The debut solo record from Brett Ratliff. 

"Pieces of music as honest and grounded as this don't come along that often.... Whilst it is timeless by design, built around the traditions of bluegrass and old-style country, Ratliff extracts every ounce of energy and passion from COLD ICY MOUNTAIN and makes it sound fresh and live."


The New Young Fogies

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"Released a few months ago, The New Young Fogies, vol. 1, is a compilation album of field recordings from a new generation of Appalachian old-time players. It's also a pure delight. About time someone took it on themselves to document some of the younger old-time musicians in the mountains, and if this album is an indication, which it must be, then the ancestral Appalachian home of American old-time music must be full to bursting with great talent." -No Depression Magazine


Rich & the Po' Folk - When the Whistle Blew
2010, June Appal Recordings

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Rich and the Po’ Folk, Letcher County Kentucky’s best old-time string band, dig into a wide range of traditional mountain music old and new in their new recording When the Whistle Blew. The recording draws on the band members’ home territory of eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia, hot spots for one of America’s great musical traditions.

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